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Camberley Estate Agents


Your Local Camberley Estate Agent is:

Rob & Jon

01276 817 680


" Rob and Jon first met working for an independent estate agent in Camberley Town Centre in 2009 and have been friends ever since. It's also the hometown to their favourite pub 'The Crabtree'. "

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Camberley is a town located in the county of Surrey, in southern England. It is situated about 31 miles southwest of London. Camberley is a popular residential area and has a population of around 30,000 people. The town is well-connected, with good transportation links to London and other nearby towns.

Camberley has a rich history, and was mentioned in the Domesday Book (a record of the great survey of England and Wales that was completed in 1086). The town grew in the 19th century, when it became a popular residential area for people working in London.

Camberley is known for its association with the military. The town is home to the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst, which is the British Army's officer training academy. The academy has been in operation since 1812 and has trained many of the UK's most famous military leaders, including Winston Churchill.

In addition to its military heritage, Camberley is also known for its shopping and leisure facilities. The town has a number of shopping centers, including The Mall Camberley, which is home to a variety of high street and independent stores. Camberley also has a number of leisure facilities, including a cinema, a theater, and a leisure center.

Overall, Camberley is a popular residential town with a rich history and strong association with the military. Its good transport links, shopping and leisure facilities make it an attractive place to live and visit.

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